Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vacation Averted: Misibis Bay

Super delayed travelog. 

Misibis Bay Resort, Cagraray Island Albay - July 29-31, 2011

As of my previous post, we were half hearted if we will push through with our road trip to Albay since its been raining hard and the roads are closed due to flood. But since we have to pay a whopping P11,000 just to rebook our reservation, we opted to go on and just prayed that we will get there alive. 

And so this is what happened:

The road trip begins! The rain just won't stop pouring.
Good morning Albay! We're here!
A very shy Mount Mayon. 
An empty coaster. Enjoyed every minute of the ride to the island. 
The coaster needs to cross a river to go to the island. 

It was exhilarating to even think of what lies ahead after all the driving. And so my expectations were surpassed. I was in awe just seeing the place. I know it'll be a lovely weekend.

A tribal dance welcomed us.
Welcome drinks and view from the reception. 
And our weekend abode. Weee!
And so it continues. More photos up ahead.

Beach front

Pool by the beach
More pools :)

If there's one thing I cant forget from staying in Misibis was the FOOD! I tried to resist the temptation since I'll be wearing my bikinis but it was too tempting. Buffet every meal - everyday. FATNESS! hahaha :D But it was all good. I was able to eat my favorite salmon everyday. Hihi!

Whenever me and my boyfriend eat out, he always say: "We are ruined by Misibis. :(" He thinks that no food and accommodation can surpass what we've experienced in Misibis. OA lang. haha :D

At Spice Market.
I'm not really good with taking pictures of food. They all look bland and simple but I swear they were scrumptious. :)

Salmon with caviar.. ata! hehe 
Salmon ceviche and Mixed seafood 

More pictures on my next post. Gotta crash now. 

To be continued...

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