Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gotta Love Bloggin'

When I first start blogging, I wasn't really sure of what am I going to put on my blog. This account has been up and running for a good 2 years but just recently, well just 5 months ago I had an epiphany on what to do with this cyber space. 

I've been a frustrated and trying hard writer ever since I was little. I always keep a journal with me, I used to have all kinds of notebooks/notepad/journal/organizer, and write everything from seeing my crush at the stairs to my rants about my naive life. 

Journals from yesteryears. I stashed away a box full of these. 

Seeing my old journals made me reminisce on how I love writing. I love the feeling that I can immortalize what was just happened a moment ago by putting it into words and someday I could read and relive the feeling of what happened 10 years back. 

And so this blog is made merely for the sole purpose of writing the stories of my uneventful existence. This is for me to read, reminisce and relive the glory, dejected, stirring and dreary events in my life and for you to have a lil dose of nonsense. Haha! Oh and plus the once in a while trips (road and food). 

I love writing so I gotta love blogging. :) 

PS. I'm still working on my signature so its kinda ugly. Just testing. ;) That little red blob is a cherry bdw. ;)


  1. wow. This reminds me of myself too. I love keeping journals and notebooks and yes, tons of pens since i really love writing random things just like you do. This is surely a good weapon of choice...

    BTW, followed. Care to follow my newbie blog too?



  2. That's great to know. :) Thanks for following.