Thursday, July 28, 2011

Havocked Vacay

This is my first entry after being in hiatus for more than a month. Nothing much happened, its just that I'm too lazy to write or think what to write. Well, lazybones. 

Anyhow, it's 12:39AM Thursday July 28 and in 19 hours I was supposedly be traveling by land to Albay. My much anticipated vacation is wreaked by this tropical depression "Juaning" and will make us pay extra P11,000 just to rebook our vacation to a later date. WTF! 

I've been dieting and exercising for this trip for weeks and then suddenly a storm will just prolong my agony and anticipation. BUMMER!

Dreaming of...

 and this...

and this...

 and finally this!

If the flood doesn't subside in the south, I'll see you Misibis in August. :(

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