Friday, June 10, 2011

Be an English Teacher. Are you up to it?

I've been an English teacher for 3 years now and well, all I can say is that I love my job. 
It's easy, fun and yes, it pays well. Not to mention that I'm the boss. "Who's your teacher?" haha! 

I'm a registered nurse by profession but I'm an English teacher by choice. 
My best friend introduced me to teaching back in 2008. My first teaching job was in an academy in Ortigas and since then I never shifted course. 

This job made me feel like I'm a smart aleck. :) Well, I'm not a know-it-all person but I can say that I am when I'm talking to my students. They believe everything I say and I soooo love that. haha! 

Well there are pros and cons to this kind of job especially if you'll be an English teachers to Koreans. (Note: Koreans are invading the Philippines. They are EVERYWHERE!) 


1. Being a teacher makes you feel like you are the BOSS. You tell them to do, say and write something, they will gladly follow. 

2. It makes you feel that you are a SMARTY. You are intelligent and witty to your students even if your friends think you aren't. haha!

3. You can work at the convenience of your own home. Homebase jobs are available and good thing with my current company, whenever I feel lazy to get up at 11am, I'll just Skype my boss and say "Sir, I'll be teaching homebase today. Okay?!" haha!

4. Usual working schedules are 5am-2pm and 2pm-11pm. I opted to choose the 2-11 schedule because I sleep and wake up late and also the time is perfect for late night roundup chilling sessions with friends. 


1. You maybe feel that you are the boss but there is always 1 or many in the bunch who just wouldn't follow your directions and won't listen thus would make you a GROUCHY, MAD AS HELL BOSS. 

2. There will always be an INQUISITIVELY SMARTY-PANTS ANNOYING 11-year old. Based on experience. Plus, it will eat your brains out. Talk about zombies. After working for 8 hours, you wouldn't want to talk and have an intelligent conversation because they sucked up all your intellect. Flat line up ahead. ------------------------------

3. Homebase jobs are quite convenient but BOREDOM will kill you. I swear!

4. 2-11 work schedule is also convenient but then again it will eat up your gym time, jogging time, dinner time, movie time and early chill time with friends. :(

Well obviously we can't have both worlds. But for me, this is way better than be stuck in an office cubicle doing a 8-5 day job doing the same boring paper works the rest of your working life. 

I love my job! I love being a teacher. 

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