Thursday, June 16, 2011

Diet 101: GM Diet

I've been struggling with this GM Diet for 4 days now. I must say, it is REALLY HARD! Determination and full extra strength will power is needed for someone to survive this diet.

As for me, I just realized I can't do a crash diet since my work requires me to think and the brain needs complex carbohydrates (rice, potato, bread etc.) for it to work properly and thus thinking happens and this diet doesn't contain any carbohydrates for 7 days except days 3 and 7. Since I started this diet last Monday, I had episodes of sabaw-ness. I can't work properly coz I only eat fruits and vegetables and I seldom eat any carbs. And also I was almost at the brink of passing out.

Maybe I can do this diet if I'm a bum. I should have done it last year. hehe!

This diet caught my attention coz it promised that I will lose 10 - 17 lbs. if and if I follow the directions religiously. Unfortunately, I really can't follow it by heart coz I won't be able to work. I tweaked most of the steps by adding something just to suffice for the lost carbohydrates that I need for me to be productive. So much for dieting.

Day 1: All fruits except banana.
            + 1 light Angsho Beef and Wanton Noodle Soup from North Park

Day 2: All vegetables.
            + 1 light Angsho Beef Noodle Soup and steamed tofu from North Park

Day 3: Fruits and Vegetables.
            + Grilled Chicken thigh with half rice from Taverna Luna and Chef's Sandwich + Moroccan Mint Tea from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Day 4: Bananas, Milk and Soup.
            + Oatmeal, homemade mashed potato, 1 pc. prune, 1 peanut butter sandwich

I haven't finished the diet yet since it's only Thursday. I can't wait for tomorrow's menu, BEEF! Yehey!

To be continued...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Be an English Teacher. Are you up to it?

I've been an English teacher for 3 years now and well, all I can say is that I love my job. 
It's easy, fun and yes, it pays well. Not to mention that I'm the boss. "Who's your teacher?" haha! 

I'm a registered nurse by profession but I'm an English teacher by choice. 
My best friend introduced me to teaching back in 2008. My first teaching job was in an academy in Ortigas and since then I never shifted course. 

This job made me feel like I'm a smart aleck. :) Well, I'm not a know-it-all person but I can say that I am when I'm talking to my students. They believe everything I say and I soooo love that. haha! 

Well there are pros and cons to this kind of job especially if you'll be an English teachers to Koreans. (Note: Koreans are invading the Philippines. They are EVERYWHERE!) 


1. Being a teacher makes you feel like you are the BOSS. You tell them to do, say and write something, they will gladly follow. 

2. It makes you feel that you are a SMARTY. You are intelligent and witty to your students even if your friends think you aren't. haha!

3. You can work at the convenience of your own home. Homebase jobs are available and good thing with my current company, whenever I feel lazy to get up at 11am, I'll just Skype my boss and say "Sir, I'll be teaching homebase today. Okay?!" haha!

4. Usual working schedules are 5am-2pm and 2pm-11pm. I opted to choose the 2-11 schedule because I sleep and wake up late and also the time is perfect for late night roundup chilling sessions with friends. 


1. You maybe feel that you are the boss but there is always 1 or many in the bunch who just wouldn't follow your directions and won't listen thus would make you a GROUCHY, MAD AS HELL BOSS. 

2. There will always be an INQUISITIVELY SMARTY-PANTS ANNOYING 11-year old. Based on experience. Plus, it will eat your brains out. Talk about zombies. After working for 8 hours, you wouldn't want to talk and have an intelligent conversation because they sucked up all your intellect. Flat line up ahead. ------------------------------

3. Homebase jobs are quite convenient but BOREDOM will kill you. I swear!

4. 2-11 work schedule is also convenient but then again it will eat up your gym time, jogging time, dinner time, movie time and early chill time with friends. :(

Well obviously we can't have both worlds. But for me, this is way better than be stuck in an office cubicle doing a 8-5 day job doing the same boring paper works the rest of your working life. 

I love my job! I love being a teacher. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

25th PARTIES! ☺

How did I celebrate my 25th birthday?

1. Intimate party with closest friends and family at Linden Suites (May 28, 2011)

I enjoyed my advance birthday celebration coz it's the first time where most of my closest friends attended. Everyone had fun and the fact that they reserved that night to spend it with me is such a compliment. I know my friends wouldn't leave me hanging and loves me sooooo much! Thank you guys for coming! I love you all heaps! 

(PS. If you guys are planning to have a party, I wouldn't recommend Linden. Seriously! I like the room and all but I hate the staff and rules. Ginatasan lang kami. Thumbs down!!>:/ )

Anyway, photo overload up ahead. :)

with DC
With my brothers
Aunt, Mom and bro's gf
with Shelley and Mom
with Shel
Party on! Cam whores. With Jake, Kryse and Carissa.
The Brady Bunch :) With Kryse, Shelley, Darryl, and Clarice.
With "Carding".
the Cult. haha :D with Clarice and Jayr.
with Clarice :)

Wahahahahahaha! Boy toy alert! 

2. 'd Day at Crowne Plaza, Ortigas (May 30, 2011)

Since my exact birthday landed on a Monday, I opted to celebrate it in advance but then again he gave me another surprise. He reserved a room and had an intimate dinner and blowing of candle to celebrate my birthday.

Thanks Lemuel for giving me the best birthday so far. :) I appreciate everything. Thanks big time! 

Birthday girl with her favorite cake. Yum! ♥
Weee! French macaroons. :)
Blueberry cheesecake, French macaroons and T&Co necklace. :)
Birthday dinner. Smoked Salmon Salad, Sukiyaki, Bistek Tagalog and Norwegian Salmon Steak. Omnomnom!

Thank you everyone for making my 25th birthday memorable and special. Till next year! ♥♥♥

Happy 25th birthday to me! ☺

We turn not older with years, but newer every day. - Emily Dickinson