Sunday, March 20, 2011

Strangebrew, tama!

When I was in high school, me and my best friend used to watch this show on a local TV channel and we'd laugh our ass out while talking on the phone for hours just remembering Strangebrew's Tado and Erning's misadventures. I hope they'll remake / redo this show.

Tado and Erning. Tama!

Strangebrew is an indie TV show which features fun facts about how things are made in the factory, trivial pursuits and everyday ordinary things and people. It is really fun to watch, well at least for me, coz it showcase real people without scripts. Plus, the characters are very naive and inquisitively funny. 

I recommend this show for people who just want to laugh without thinking. Meaning this show is such a no brainer. LOL!

Mabuhay kayo Tado and Erning! Tama!

Just some of my favorite episodes. Super laughtrip! Can't forget their pet cactus named Joan and Tado eating butong pakwan with yakult. Disgustingly funny. :D

I missed this show so much. This is the kind of show i'll never get tired of watching. :)


  1. TAMA!!! i hope they DO strangebrew again. i miss joan :(

  2. nothing beats everyday dose of strangebrew. strange brew indeed!

  3. Salamat sa free cable!
    Salamat sa StrangeBrew :bd

  4. wasak na wasak!

  5. manong, ilan po ang nabebenta nyong shades pag gabi ... :))))