Thursday, March 10, 2011


I started my day with a HUGE SMILE!

This morning when I went down from my room to take a bath, I saw a little plastic bag on our dining table. I didn't mind it coz i never really cared about things in our house. I went
straight to the bathroom and I heard our maid say "May package para kay Pangga." (Pangga is my nickname just so you guys know) then my grandfather answered with his all mighty voice, "Wag nga kayo tumatanggap ng kung ano ano! Madaming kalokohan dyan!" then my grandmother blurted "Pangga lumabas ka ng banyo at tignan mo to! Nagagalit Daddy mo!" (Daddy is my gramps)
So then I went out of the bathroom all wet and bubbles on my head, I looked at that little blue plastic package and SMILED.


Last Monday, I started working again for bumming for almost half a year. Talk about bakasyon galore. haha! 
Well, teaching can be really toxic but it's rewarding specially when you see your student improve. Anyhow, after teaching for 8hours straight (and I mean, 55mins/class, 8 classes/day Whew!), I went home and saw this...

Alessi Watches

Alessi Luna wrist watch in black and yellow. Parang Yellow Cab lang. hehe!
Lakas maka-Bumblebee. :D
Me and my Alessi watch. 
 I was in a hurry this morning that I wasn't able to prepare an outfit for my watch. Meganun? LOL! I'll just wear it this weekend. 

Thank you Ms Jenni Epperson for this wonderful prize. As what I've said in my email, you are worth following on Twitter. :)

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