Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wave 89.1's Dreamsounds... Lulling me every night

I'm such a sucker for mushy ballads ever since I was in high school. Thank God for FM radio and Wave 89.1. They've been my lull partners since puberty. They play slow jams every night and that made me hit the sack calm and relax. 

Sunday was my favorite day for listening coz it'll play Dreamsounds. Unfortunately, my old stereo retired on me and I can't listen to it anymore.
Good thing I have the complete list of Dreamsound songs. Now, I can still lull myself to sleep through my iPod. :)

For people who are just like me, here's the complete list of songs from Dreamsounds 1-8. 


You can download the songs one by one (make it a mini project. hehe!) here.


Dreamsounds 1

1. Intro
2. Because Of You - Keith Martin
3. Home - Brian McKnight
4. Make Me Whole - Amel Larrieux
5. Don't Change - Musiq Soulchild
6. For You - Kenny Lattimore
7. I Won't Cry - Profyle
8. Negative Things - Selwyn
9. All My Love - Innervoices
10. I'll Wait Right Here - Jersey Ave
11. Something To See - Glenn Lewis
12. If You're Not The One (Acoustic) - Daniel Beddingfield
13. You First Believe - Hoku
14. I'm Missing You- Case
15. You're The One I Love - Jesse Powell

Dreamsounds 2

1. Intro
2. Dream of Me - Kirsten Dunst
3. Without You - Charlie Wilson
4. Visions of a Sunset – Shawn Stockman
5. Don’t Wanna Try – Frankie J.
6. Cry No More (I’ll Be There 4 U) – Kino Watson
7. Doin’ Just Fine – Boyz II Men
8. Color of Love – Sam Salter
9. Whenever, Wherever, Whatever – Maxwell
10. When Will It Be Me – Yasmeen
11. Miss You – Aaliyah
12. If I Was the One – Ruff Endz
13. Lonely – Public Announcement
14. Be the One – Tony Rich Project
15. Stick Around – Azure
16. Fly Away – Jaze

Dreamsounds 3

1. Intro
2. Lemar - What About Love?
3. Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You (Acoustic)
4. John Legend - Ordinary People
5. Boyz II Men - Oh Well
6. Usher - Separated
7. Legaci - Ready For Love
8. Brownflava - Come Back
9. Heather Headley - I Wish I Wasn't
10. Joe - Another Used To Be
11. Ginuwine - Differences
12. Kevon Edmonds - A Girl Like You
13. 3LW - Curious
14. Verse - Let's Make Love
15. 6th Day - 6th Day Medley
16. Donell Jones - Come Back
17. Shanice - Fall For You

Dreamsounds 4

1. Close To Heaven-Color Me Badd
2. Everytime-Tatyana Ali
3. For You-Kenny Lattimore
4. Hey Blue-Tony Rich Project
5. I Cry Real Real Tears-Eternal
6. I Don’t Wanna Be Lonely-Az Yet
7. If I Knew-Fra Lippo Lippi
8. Missing You-Brandy and Tamia
9. Moonlight Over Paris-Peter Mayer
10. Never Lie-Immature
11. Oh Well- Boyz II Men
12. Tender Love-Amyth
13. The One I Gave My Heart To-Aaliyah
14. You Were There-Babyface

Dreamsounds 5

1. Beautiful Girl-Kenny Lattimore
2. For Your Love-Tevin Campbell
3. Heaven-Nu Flavor
4. I Care About You-Milestone
5. I’ll remember-Madonna
6. Lately-KC and Jojo
7. Miss You-Aaliyah
8. Missing You-Tony Rich Project
9. Moonlight Over Paris-Vanessa Williams
10. Not Ready For Goodbye-All-4-One
11. Sitting Here-Pure Harmony
12. Sorry Song-Brian McKnight
13. The Arms Of The One Who Loves You-Xscape
14. Think Of Aaliyah-Boyz II Men
15. When I See You Smile-Uncle Sam
16. Wonderful Tonight-Serenade

Dreamsounds 6

1. All Out Of Love- Jagged Edge
2. Angel of Mine-Eternal
3. Fall Again-Glenn Lewis
4. For Your Love-Charlie Wilson
5. I’d Rather-Luther Vandross
6. I’ll Be Over You-The Sundays
7. I’ll Be There For You-Kino Watson
8. Loveable-Kenny Lattimore
9. Maybe I Deserve-Tank
10. Most Beautiful Girl-Nu Flavor
11. Never Find Someone Like You-Keith Martin
12. Sex Is On My Mind-Blulight
13. Someone To Live-Jon B and Babyface
14. Still Be Loving You-Damage
15. These Arms-All-4-One
16. Two Occasions-Deele
17. Understanding-Xscape

Dreamsounds 7

1. Baby I'm Yours-Shai
2. Come Breath Me-1728
3. Constantly-Vanessa Williams
4. Dance With My Father-Luther Vandross
5. Don't Wanna Try-Frankie J.
6. Endlessly-B44
7. Falling-Keahiwai
8. I Wish I Wasn't-Heather Headley
9. I Won't Cry-Profyle
10. I'll Give My Love To You-Voices of Theory
11. Knocks Me Off My Feet-Donell Jones
12. Love Will Be Waiting-Kevon Edmonds
13. Moonlight Over Paris-Paolo Santos
14. Officially Missing You-Tamia
15. Purest of Pain-Son By Four
16. So Wonderful-Devotion

Dreamsounds 8

1. Around You-Tribe of Levi
2. Brokenhearted-Boyz II Men and Brandy
3. Can You Stand In The Rain-New Edition
4. How Did We End Up Here-B44
5. If I Were You-Tamia
6. I'll Be Waiting-Voices of Theory
7. Just To Be Close To You-Trey Lorenz
8. My Kind OF Girl-Brian McKnight
9. Need You-Devotion
10. On My Own-Whitney Houston
11. Overjoyed-Profyle
12. Saying I Love You-Ruff Endz
13. Superman-Shawn Desman
14. The Sweetest Days-Vanessa Wiliams
15. Till My Heartaches End-Arnee


  1. thanks...been looking for this for hours...

  2. do you have everything in the playlist? i couldn't find all of them. will you consider sharing them? thanks

  3. TJ, I don't have all but I have most of them. How can I share? I don't know how. hehe :)

    1. can i ask what download site can i see these songs?

  4. i just downloaded everything! hahaha.. thank you for the link and for the list! :)

  5. Wave 89.1 Dreamsounds 1 Album
    dreamsounds 2-8 still uploading

    1. hi the link iz dead.. thank u hoe u got new link

  6. Wave 89.1 Dreamsounds 2
    Wave 89.1 Quiet Storm

    1. wala na po un mga file sa 4share.. hay

  7. Love Notes "Love is all that matters" by Joe D' Mango

  8. Dreamsounds 3

  9. Dreamsounds 4

  10. Wow! Thanks big time John! <3

  11. dreamsounds 5-8, upload ko n lang pag may time ako, busy kc eh

  12. tsaka may sira micro usb cable ko

  13. did The Sundays really cover that song by Toto? how come it's not on their website or wiki or anywhere?

  14. im looking for a song that sounds like JINKY VIDAL with lyrics of like this
    "sorry, i never knew?"
    im not sure about it. but the first word is right. the sorry. LOL
    i always hear it when it is commercial break about sunday. thanks if you know the title of the song.

  15. Im sorry I dont know that song. I'll try to check it out.

  16. I had been looking for long time this thread. Where can I download these albums for free? Thank you.

  17. Was there a new Album released? or anytime soon?

  18. hi! thanks for sharing this! :)

  19. thanks for sharing this! ^_^ you made it easy for us to find all of these songs <3 - Shejo16

  20. hi im also an avid fan of dreamsounds:)
    just to share...

  21. ive been wondering bout the title of this song..

    it goes like this- im on the real thing, to hold me tonight, someone to love me over and over cath me if i should fall someone who'll be there when i call and i know it could be real thing.

    i heard this song on wave 89.1 Quiet storm
    i think side a cover this song..

    1. The title of that song is "Real Thing" and Nina revived that song :))

  22. Thanks! I've been looking for this for quite a long now. You're a blessing in disguise! :))

  23. thanks sherry. i hope that there are other more recent updates. thanks! :)

  24. Thank you for these list of songs, Sherry!

  25. Reminiscing HS life whilst listening to these songs. the first batch of wave's DJs are still the best. i used to talk to them off the air. DJ Jun and DJ Jean.

    thanks for the list, Sherry. :)

  26. Thanks for this! I completed it all.
    I just don't have intro for other albums.

    Thanks a lot!

  27. Can someone share the albums? Thanks

  28. sir tanung lng baka alam nyu tong kanta nto ung Chorus nya All the time... tas prng teen ager lng kumakanta luma pero madalas ko prn marinig sa dream n e1 ko pero Rnb ata to help nmn sir tagal ko n kc hinahanp eh... =(

  29. can somebody tell me where can i download the album of dreamsounds? or can share some website where can i find it. thank you

  30. is a music search engine allows you to unlimited music and download for free with youtube to mp3 converter.

  31. Ur awesome gurl!!! Lay yah! Cheers! :-*

  32. thank you so much!!! \(^0^)/

  33. I got an exclusive mix of jun Dj's Sunday Quietstorm! Hit up and download it. Btw dreamsounds comes only in three albums, there's no such thing as dreamsounds 4,5,6,7,8,9,10........

  34. guys where did you download this songs? pls share it. tnx.

  35. Hi guys! Its been a while.
    Anyhow, I downloaded everything on but it is tedious!!! Meaning downloading one song at a time.

    1. WOW.thanks for this link but i really didnt know its gonna be this hard to download the songs as the link given doesnt contain the files there someone out there who wants to share the other albums?just cant find it

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  38. Hi Sir John Raymund, Can I request for a link, to download the dreamsounds 1-8 collections???

    because I tried to go to the link but as of now it says the file you requested is invalid

    Thanks alot

  39. Thank you for this... I love dreamsounds and Quietstorms

  40. Hey sir John Raymund.can you reupload it. thanks here my email.

  41. downloaded everything. thank you for the list. :)

  42. di lang pala ako ang nagiisang fan ng dreamsounds.. thanks for the list.. :D


  44. thanks.... every song nasa musicaddict...

  45. buhay pa ba toh blog mo send naman po ng link vol 1-8 thnksssss

  46. yung account ko sa 4shared na ban dhil sa mga dreamsounds ko, will try to reupload it to mediafire, dropbox or megaupload

    1. may copy pa ako ng dreamsounds at quiet storm

    2. kindly paste the working links to dreamsounds and quiet storm songs. TIA!

  47. Anyone has a copy of home by brian mcknight na hindi religious version pasend naman kung sino meron sobrang hirap hanapin thanks