Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kicking Some Ass!

I've been procrastinating for too long and it's already showing. I looked at the mirror and all I can see is a tall, big  hipped, huge armed girl. :( I wasn't like this before. I love moving but my energy and willingness to do things suddenly disappeared. I used to be thin. I used to wear all kinds of clothes from tight hugging dresses to skimpy two-piece. It's depressing! Waaaaah!
Now that summer is just around the corner, I should get back on doing what I love the most.


It's been my sport for a year now and I'm missing it so effin bad!! I love contact sports. I used to do boxing and kick boxing and now I'm hooked with Muay Thai. I should go back to my trainer to practice on my 45° turning 45° and my superman punch. Kapow!

Superman Punch
High Roundhouse Kick / 45T45

Here's a video of me doing little kick ass moves. Feeling! LOL! Look at my trainer, he looks like BJ Penn. :)

I miss kicking ass!! Let's do this!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Resort Dilemma

It's 2:45 in the morning and I'm still wearing my office clothes. I've been drawn to search for resorts and hotels for our Boracay summer and forgot to change in to my PJs. Actually, it is supposed to be in Cebu but then again, change is inevitable. I searched for resorts and its rates for hours, thanks to my ultra super fast internet *roll eyes*, and ended up with 4 resorts to consider. Note: My boyfriend and I should both agree or else.

Here are the 4 resorts to consider for our Boracay summer :)

1. Pearl of the Pacific Boracay

 This resort caught my attention not because it's a 4 start hotel but it has lounge chairs on the beach front. Remember, I like to bask under the sun and get skin cancer. haha! Also I can wear my bikini without minding if people would stare. Its beach front is less crowded so I have it on my own. ;)

2. Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel

See, I'm a sucker for water and water makes me happy. Why not have a pool? This is the reason why I considered this hotel.

3. Jony's Beach Resort

This is where it all started. Well, not really. My boyfriend is such a loyalist. Once he liked the place, he'll come back again and again. Plus, it's near our favorite shake and strip of barbecue stands and also refillable iced tea on the beach. This is the life. :)

4. Astoria  Boracay Resort

BATH TUB!! Each room has bath tub and I can imagine myself after hours under the sun soaked in the tub for hours until my boyfriend knocks on the door and tells me to get a life. haha! He's really jealous of bath tubs because I spend most of my waking time in the bathroom in the tub. LMAO!

I'm so excited for our summer trip again. hehe! :)


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wave 89.1's Dreamsounds... Lulling me every night

I'm such a sucker for mushy ballads ever since I was in high school. Thank God for FM radio and Wave 89.1. They've been my lull partners since puberty. They play slow jams every night and that made me hit the sack calm and relax. 

Sunday was my favorite day for listening coz it'll play Dreamsounds. Unfortunately, my old stereo retired on me and I can't listen to it anymore.
Good thing I have the complete list of Dreamsound songs. Now, I can still lull myself to sleep through my iPod. :)

For people who are just like me, here's the complete list of songs from Dreamsounds 1-8. 


You can download the songs one by one (make it a mini project. hehe!) here.


Dreamsounds 1

1. Intro
2. Because Of You - Keith Martin
3. Home - Brian McKnight
4. Make Me Whole - Amel Larrieux
5. Don't Change - Musiq Soulchild
6. For You - Kenny Lattimore
7. I Won't Cry - Profyle
8. Negative Things - Selwyn
9. All My Love - Innervoices
10. I'll Wait Right Here - Jersey Ave
11. Something To See - Glenn Lewis
12. If You're Not The One (Acoustic) - Daniel Beddingfield
13. You First Believe - Hoku
14. I'm Missing You- Case
15. You're The One I Love - Jesse Powell

Dreamsounds 2

1. Intro
2. Dream of Me - Kirsten Dunst
3. Without You - Charlie Wilson
4. Visions of a Sunset – Shawn Stockman
5. Don’t Wanna Try – Frankie J.
6. Cry No More (I’ll Be There 4 U) – Kino Watson
7. Doin’ Just Fine – Boyz II Men
8. Color of Love – Sam Salter
9. Whenever, Wherever, Whatever – Maxwell
10. When Will It Be Me – Yasmeen
11. Miss You – Aaliyah
12. If I Was the One – Ruff Endz
13. Lonely – Public Announcement
14. Be the One – Tony Rich Project
15. Stick Around – Azure
16. Fly Away – Jaze

Dreamsounds 3

1. Intro
2. Lemar - What About Love?
3. Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You (Acoustic)
4. John Legend - Ordinary People
5. Boyz II Men - Oh Well
6. Usher - Separated
7. Legaci - Ready For Love
8. Brownflava - Come Back
9. Heather Headley - I Wish I Wasn't
10. Joe - Another Used To Be
11. Ginuwine - Differences
12. Kevon Edmonds - A Girl Like You
13. 3LW - Curious
14. Verse - Let's Make Love
15. 6th Day - 6th Day Medley
16. Donell Jones - Come Back
17. Shanice - Fall For You

Dreamsounds 4

1. Close To Heaven-Color Me Badd
2. Everytime-Tatyana Ali
3. For You-Kenny Lattimore
4. Hey Blue-Tony Rich Project
5. I Cry Real Real Tears-Eternal
6. I Don’t Wanna Be Lonely-Az Yet
7. If I Knew-Fra Lippo Lippi
8. Missing You-Brandy and Tamia
9. Moonlight Over Paris-Peter Mayer
10. Never Lie-Immature
11. Oh Well- Boyz II Men
12. Tender Love-Amyth
13. The One I Gave My Heart To-Aaliyah
14. You Were There-Babyface

Dreamsounds 5

1. Beautiful Girl-Kenny Lattimore
2. For Your Love-Tevin Campbell
3. Heaven-Nu Flavor
4. I Care About You-Milestone
5. I’ll remember-Madonna
6. Lately-KC and Jojo
7. Miss You-Aaliyah
8. Missing You-Tony Rich Project
9. Moonlight Over Paris-Vanessa Williams
10. Not Ready For Goodbye-All-4-One
11. Sitting Here-Pure Harmony
12. Sorry Song-Brian McKnight
13. The Arms Of The One Who Loves You-Xscape
14. Think Of Aaliyah-Boyz II Men
15. When I See You Smile-Uncle Sam
16. Wonderful Tonight-Serenade

Dreamsounds 6

1. All Out Of Love- Jagged Edge
2. Angel of Mine-Eternal
3. Fall Again-Glenn Lewis
4. For Your Love-Charlie Wilson
5. I’d Rather-Luther Vandross
6. I’ll Be Over You-The Sundays
7. I’ll Be There For You-Kino Watson
8. Loveable-Kenny Lattimore
9. Maybe I Deserve-Tank
10. Most Beautiful Girl-Nu Flavor
11. Never Find Someone Like You-Keith Martin
12. Sex Is On My Mind-Blulight
13. Someone To Live-Jon B and Babyface
14. Still Be Loving You-Damage
15. These Arms-All-4-One
16. Two Occasions-Deele
17. Understanding-Xscape

Dreamsounds 7

1. Baby I'm Yours-Shai
2. Come Breath Me-1728
3. Constantly-Vanessa Williams
4. Dance With My Father-Luther Vandross
5. Don't Wanna Try-Frankie J.
6. Endlessly-B44
7. Falling-Keahiwai
8. I Wish I Wasn't-Heather Headley
9. I Won't Cry-Profyle
10. I'll Give My Love To You-Voices of Theory
11. Knocks Me Off My Feet-Donell Jones
12. Love Will Be Waiting-Kevon Edmonds
13. Moonlight Over Paris-Paolo Santos
14. Officially Missing You-Tamia
15. Purest of Pain-Son By Four
16. So Wonderful-Devotion

Dreamsounds 8

1. Around You-Tribe of Levi
2. Brokenhearted-Boyz II Men and Brandy
3. Can You Stand In The Rain-New Edition
4. How Did We End Up Here-B44
5. If I Were You-Tamia
6. I'll Be Waiting-Voices of Theory
7. Just To Be Close To You-Trey Lorenz
8. My Kind OF Girl-Brian McKnight
9. Need You-Devotion
10. On My Own-Whitney Houston
11. Overjoyed-Profyle
12. Saying I Love You-Ruff Endz
13. Superman-Shawn Desman
14. The Sweetest Days-Vanessa Wiliams
15. Till My Heartaches End-Arnee

Friday, March 25, 2011


I need your help guys! 

Where can I buy this bag??? 

Pill bag by Longchamp X Jeremy Scott
I've been obsessing with this bag ever since I laid eyes on it. I've been browsing the net for possible sellers but I just can't find any. Google, Yahoo, name it, I searched it. 

Please guys! If anyone knows who sell this kind of bag and I'm looking for the authentic one, leave a comment.

Thank you very much!

Song of the day: Everytime

This is just relaxing. Mmmmmm.... 

Everytime by Tatyana 

Ranting 101: Patience doesn't always come in handy

Sometimes teaching is taking its toll on my sanity. I am a very patient and jolly person but not when a student is acting up. Specially when it keeps on doing the same shit every single day. It just sucks! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Script LIVE in Manila

The Script LIVE in Manila

As much as I want to watch their concert, I really don't know them. Their only song that I know is Breakeven. Sorry! 

White = Clean... Not!

My usual casual work outfit would comprise of jeans and skirts and sometimes shorts. My job is kinda outfit demanding but I make sure that I always feel comfortable. Today, I opt to wear my white capri pants because it's Thursday (so?? Anong connection? LOL!) I seldom wear white pants because this happens all the time...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Song of the day: Breakeven

While my student is thinking of a word that starts with L and R, I'm listening to this song. I don't want to get mad at my student for being such a moron for not able to come up with a simple word so I'd rather relax my self because this is my first class for today and I don't want to ruin my other classes because of him. 

I am such a dedicated teacher. (sarcastically speaking) LOL!

Breakeven by The Script

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Strangebrew, tama!

When I was in high school, me and my best friend used to watch this show on a local TV channel and we'd laugh our ass out while talking on the phone for hours just remembering Strangebrew's Tado and Erning's misadventures. I hope they'll remake / redo this show.

Tado and Erning. Tama!

Strangebrew is an indie TV show which features fun facts about how things are made in the factory, trivial pursuits and everyday ordinary things and people. It is really fun to watch, well at least for me, coz it showcase real people without scripts. Plus, the characters are very naive and inquisitively funny. 

I recommend this show for people who just want to laugh without thinking. Meaning this show is such a no brainer. LOL!

Mabuhay kayo Tado and Erning! Tama!

Just some of my favorite episodes. Super laughtrip! Can't forget their pet cactus named Joan and Tado eating butong pakwan with yakult. Disgustingly funny. :D

I missed this show so much. This is the kind of show i'll never get tired of watching. :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Song of the day: Twork it Out

My all time favorite Usher song. 

Twork it Out by Usher

Layin in the cut, kissin and rubbin, makin sweet love
Damn the club tonight, let's twork it out
Just me on you from eleven till six in the mornin
I know you like it when I do you like that
Let's twork it out

This song is perfect if you feel like chillin and have some sexy time with your partner. *wink*

Happy a sexy Friday everyone!


Another thing that makes me excited this summer is...

Can't wait to watch Po. :D I'm already prepared for PURE AWESOMENESS! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm a FAN!

Heard Johnoy Danao perform live last night at 70s Bistro and all I can say is he's one of Philippine music's hidden treasure. He sounded like Noel Cabangon but with a twist.
Well, I'm not a music savant and I'm not really knowledgeable about these kinds of stuff but I know a good and worthy singer when I hear one. Heard his Corrine Bailey Rae's cover of Like a Star on his weekly podcast (Good Times Acoustic) and it really made me want to listen to him every Sunday. 

He seems like a nice guy. He thanked us when we were about to leave the bar and I was the only one who appreciated and smiled back coz my friends doesn't know who he is. Hehe! Even got the chance to compliment his podcast and gave him a pat on the back. Close??! LOL!

I hope he finds his way up the music ladder and let people know how talented he is. Good luck! :) 

Like a Star (Corrine Bailey Rae) by Johnoy Danao

GTA2 No One (Alicia Keys Cover) by johnoydanao

The Space Between(Dave Matthews Band Cover) by johnoydanao

Monday, March 14, 2011

Song of the day: Marathon

Heard this song from Saab Magalona's blog and I can't stop listening to it. While having class, it's playing on my background (I'm the only one who can hear it) and discussing "What can you see in the picture?" and writing this blog. LOL!
I'm a very good multi tasker. *wink*

Marathon by Tennis 

Take me to the BEACH

SUMMER TIME is officially here and I can't wait to wear my bikinis and bask in the sun.

I am a CERTIFIED BEACH BUM. I am in love with sea, sand and sun. I'm not afraid to get dark and look hideous. It just makes me feel good and relaxed whenever I hit the beach.

Inspired by a Land Slide

Regret is the one last thing that most people want and that includes me. I have countless things that I've done that I'll be regretting for the rest of my life. As you see, I haven't been living my life to the fullest. I have been so reserved and I thought,

Friday, March 11, 2011


#prayforjapan has been a trending topic in Twitter since this morning and here's the reason...

An 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck Japan's capital, Tokyo. Check out: CNN.COM or BBC.COM for updates. Let's pray for all the people in Japan. 

Barefoot Friday

Friday, my so loved day of the week and yet something unexpected happened.

I thought today would be a great start for the weekend then yet again it isn't. I was so thrilled that my Daddy/Gramps gave me baon for work today

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I started my day with a HUGE SMILE!

This morning when I went down from my room to take a bath, I saw a little plastic bag on our dining table. I didn't mind it coz i never really cared about things in our house. I went